Competitors analysis is a powerful marketing tool for building a strategic development plan and brand positioning.

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Modern analysis also suggests the study of competing brands in the web, including the target audience, methods and types of interaction with it.

Only using such information it is possible to build a strategy for the development and positioning of your brand, highlighting its strong points.

To make the information more valuable, experts advise using this service before:

  • creating brand positioning;
  • the launch of a wide-scale advertising campaign including internet-marketing (social media targeting, crowd marketing, etc.);
  • to design a logo, brand identity, slogan;
  • the process of re-branding, the launch of a new product.

Independent analysis and assessment of experts will allow finding even insignificant gaps before launching a campaign, to fix them, to choose the right information channels for interacting with the target audience and to reduce costs during marketing promotion. 

Only this way it is possible to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Analytics: an integrated approach to the goal

For the development and implementation of a strategic marketing plan, the company “” offers to use the “Analytics service”.

We offer a set of tools that will help identify the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, their target audience, and brand visualization in social media.

Such information will help to competently build the positioning of your brand at different advertising platforms and identify it among similar onesThe company's specialists are ready to work on a turn-key, starting from setting a specific research goal to identifying the results, creating an action plan and recommendations and forecasting possible actions of competitors.

For the “Analytics” service we use:

  • methods of analyzing the competitive environment (SWOT, PEST, SPACE and others);
  • various channels for obtaining information;
  • industry reviews and open forms of report;
  • PR events with the participation of competitors.

And this is not the whole list of our activities. Algorithm of actions depends on the purpose and task of a specific case.

Long-term experience allows us to quickly set priorities and successfully solve the problems of our partners.

Artem Pilshchikov


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