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Market and economic environment analysis

Market and economic environment analysis

Delivering excellent services and developing high quality products requires constant monitoring of the competitive environment.

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Market analysis lets you be one step ahead of your competitors, be innovative and predict the behaviour of factors that may be out of your control. 

Effectively forecasting demand, cost, products and services can help a new business  enter new markets successfully 

The goal of the environmental analysis is defining a product or services efficiency, its longevity in the competitive environment, possible transformations as well as perspectives of increasing sales volume.

Our market analyses has been done by using surveys, questionnaires, interviews and focus groups 

We have also conducted secondary online research.Our research looks into:

  1.  Competitive features of market products and services.
  2. Possible changes in quality characteristics and customers' requirements caused by shifting priorities, emergence of new trends and innovations, and  market development.
  3. Products. and services strengths and weaknesses. Analysis of cost price and factors having impact on them. Demand and offer ratio.
  4. SWOT analyses. We forecast potential threats and risks as well as their management.

Our analytical data is used to identify a brand's future position in the market, generate long-range plans, define adequate promotional strategies and make the investment plan to attract customers and enter the market.

This analysis is done before brand designing, company's style development, advertising campaign, as it meets two necessary requirements such as market knowledge and its priorities.


Our team understands the importance of preparatory stages and has a responsible attitude to competitor analysis and business analysis itself.

Albert Akhmadullin


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