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Corporate style development

Corporate style

Corporate style is an essential tool in creating a company's image. Corporate style is the set of individual stylistic means that creates a unique visual image of a product or a company.

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 Corporate style goals

  • growth of notability and its non-material values;
  • decreasing expenses on communications by means of clear mechanisms of visuals and verbals;
  • increasing advertisement efficiency due to creating a unique visual image in customers' minds;
  • decreasing costs on introducing new goods in the market;
  • reinforcing corporate spirit to attract talented personnel.

Our  principles in corporate style development

  • Concept

The general idea is the first step in corporate style creating. This is a complex of visual identifiers that reflect the brand features and its differences from competitors. The concept is based on the metaphor that translates the brand position and image into figurative  level modeling clear emotional advantages. In the end this process shapes the customer's attitude to the brand.

  • Recognisability

A quality corporate style is based on the combination of  graphic and colour solutions which forms the customer's conviction on the brand uniqueness and highlights its quality. The advantages that keep distinguished your goods from competitors make easier for the customer to identify a specific product.

  • Systematic approach

The corporate style development assumes the alignment to the brand strategy, platform and name. The brand logo with its visual style forming elements and secondary elements should be in harmony with the concept. A  professionally designed and implemented graphic structure is a starting point for advertising campaigns and other creative materials.

  • Adaptability

A corporate style concept should include guidelines on corporate style development and its further adaptation. The design should be well read in any information carrier, should it be a business card or a billboard. A professionally designed corporate style can be adapted to any business process and be recognised under transformations.

Branding order

You can order branding in our agency. The service price is individual and depends on the number of elements and brand goals. We offer an optimal solution for each customer.

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