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Our agency delivers a full package of services on developing corporate branding: from carrying out market researches up to introduction and further technical support.

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Our portfolio has tens successfully implemented projects related to different fields: from industries to e-commerce. We work with both corporate and product branding helping our customers to implement  their strategic plans.

Corporate branding: what advantages will your company get?

Corporate branding is developing, implementation and technical support of the whole company brand. This tool allows to solve some key problems of a developing business:

  1. raising recognisability. A well positioned brand makes easier for consumers to identify the company or goods;
  2. emphasizing your strengths. Corporate branding allows to form the conviction that your company product is unique;
  3. creating your image among consumers, partners, investors.

A corporate brand development

In our work on creating a corporate brand, we use a number of tools for market and products analysis, making  efficient verbal and visual solutions, results analysing. Corporate branding has some stages.

Brand and market audits

Our experts analyse the data on the project according to four key directions: the audience, the industry, competitors and trends. We analyse the brand current recognisability, strengths and weaknesses, consumers' attitudes and identifiers (verbal and non-verbal).

For each project we use a set of analysis tools such as:

  • surveys ( including online surveys) and data analysis;
  • cabinet researches;
  • the tool called "a secret shopper";
  • "customer journey";
  • interviews with  a target audience and so on.

A brand platform development

A brand platform is a set of identifiers allowing the company to distinguish from competitors. They form customers perception of the product or the company. We will build up your brand platform based on our researches, and it will become an efficient PR tool for your business to create the company image.

A Corporate style and naming

Corporate style and naming is the expression of your brand  platform showing its features and advantages. We will use verbal and visual identifiers to highlight their emotional characteristics. We will develop your corporate style and naming using the main constants (colour, logo, font, key-word) and the elements (illustrations, patterns).

A brand book creating

The brand book is a set of rules to be followed by everything  that is related to company development, and it is crucial in  raising up the brand status. We will help you to develop your brand strategy and to focus on the projects that will promote your brand value in the market.

Implementation and development

At this stage we will:

  • teach the employees in order to have the right  brand vision;
  • help to introduce new values in all the structure levels of the organisation;
  • take part in further development of corporate brand.

What will you get?

The customer will get key elements of the corporate brand:

  • the brand platform for the product positioning (a target audience, brand characteristics, a communication platform, a unique trade offer);
  • a recognisable corporate style (a name, colour solutions, a logo, fonts, an adequate graphic elements layout.

The corporate style is the key for your company self-identification that will allow to find the customers, and create a positive attitude to your product.

 Rustam Abdullin

Art Director


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