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Creating a brand book

Creating a brand book

The brand book is the brand «passport». The company's brand book usually includes a mission statement, values, the rules of using the brand platform and the corporate style

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Our agency has a  big experience in creating brand books for companies in different business fields: from traditional industries to innovative IT projects. We  take unique solutions because we realise that every business is unique, and  requires a unique approach. Our high- qualified  and competent experts are able to create the brand book that will become an integral part of your company corporate branding.

 The brand book is of the utmost importance for the corporate branding

The main objective of the brand book is to maintain a consistent appearance of the company,  develop your brand  market potential,  optimize and develop the corporate materials  used in PR strategy.

It allows to structure,  systematize and articulate the brand verbal and visual elements, and it is a collaborative result of a team; so, the management, brand experts,  marketers,  copywriters,  coders should be involved.

The traditional brand book contains two elements:

  • an external section: the brand positioning, the brand platform description,  the corporate style constants (logo, color palette, naming, corporate fonts);
  • an internal section: design rules of offices and points of sale, business documents style, corporate dress code, packaging, professional manners with customers and partners and so on

The company brand book is necessary for:

  1. Developing and using communication rules with consumers and partners.
  2. Saving money and time on developing and  writing corporate materials.
  3. Creating a unique style for marketing communications  to develop results-driven advertising.
  4. The brand book allows to work with different designers and organisations.

    Such diversification makes your brand memorable, and improves the quality of marketing communications  minimising dependence on the art partner.

In your brand book you will get:

  • a detailed description of your brand: objective, goals, mission, target audience, and positioning in the market;
  • your brand platform. This is a document generalising the information about your brand and it is the basis for developing strategies;
  • your verbal identification: slogan, naming, communication style for the company's PR departments;
  • visual communications: logo, colour solutions, fonts, patterns and other typography elements;
  • brand packaging concept;
  • retail standards: design of offices and sale points, employees dress code etc.

The brand book is the main tool for the company's PR departments synchronizing the work of the company interior departments and contractors on creating advertisements and implementation of marketing campaigns.

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