Creating a logo

We will develop a well- thought design of your logo ensuring its alignment with the company's corporate style, and providing your customer with a unique brand image.

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A logo is a key element of visual identification, and its main goal is building up your brand recognition

Sometimes due to the information pressure consumers  cannot remember the trade mark name  that they had seen before , and logos can create strong visual associations with a business; therefore, the logo elements   such as fonts, symbols, colour and graphics help the customers to keep your brand in mind.

An excellent logo features are:  

  • Uniqueness is the main feature allowing for a clear identification of your brand.
  • Comprehensiveness. A memorable logo is  eye-catching and easy for  reading.
  • Recognisability. Unique logos are instantly  recognised; in contrast, complex or stylistically similar logos can make consumers confused  or such logos can just be lost among competitors.
  • Alignment with  the brand position. A simple example: a logo with a strict formal font cannot be related to a bakery.
  • Scalability .The simpler is the logo, the easier is its scalability and unification.
  • Beauty and aesthetics.
  • Legality. Copyright compliance and uniqueness of the solution allow to register the logo as a trade mark.

How do we create logos?  

  1. Market and competitors environment analysis (including international markets).
  2. Generating ideas and  their systematisation, matching the ideas to the brand.
  3. Developing the main concepts and drawing the versions.
  4. Presentation to the customer, approval and adjustments. 
  5. Laying out the main version of the logo.
  6. ВLaying out the logo book and delivering to the customer.

Ordering a logo

A high-quality trade mark will provide your brand with a new impulse for development, raise up its status and recognisability. Each project cost is individual as a new development requires a unique approach. Please apply or call us to get more detailed information

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