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Retail branding development

Retail branding

The combination of graphic and verbal components of the trade mark in a store makes a positive impression of respectability on the shopper.

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A stylish brand and  an original design concept promotes the company's recognisability, increases sales  and customers' loyalty.  The recommendation not to save  on retail branding is indispensable because the revenue depends  directly on customers' perception  of the business.

Retail branding is important

The main objective of retail branding is to adapt the retail network to customers' needs.

A shopping room design, signboards, price tags,  trading equipment - all these components will positively impress consumers , develop an emotional attachment to the brand and persuade them to come again and again.

The main elements of retail branding:

  • the interior and the exterior of the shopping room;
  • the personnel dress code;
  • price tags;
  • display of goods;
  • packaging;
  • branded transport;
  • showcase and signboards;
  • communication channels with consumers;
  • the brand book;
  • and some other attributes.

The corporate concept and style is taken into account while creating above mentioned elements. The work cost depends onthe size of shopping room, the number of image elements,  market researches and market coverage.  We can create the concept from scratch,  or improve the existing brand and consult you on market strategies.

 Branding stages

The specialists such as designers, marketers, copywriters, merchandisers and advertisers work on retail branding in our company. An excellent team of specialists on project visualisation, stock strategies,brand concept and design concept will work for your company benefit. The groundwork is implemented under the direction of the manager supervising the project.

Development stages:

  1. Market researches and the interior audits of the point of sale.
  2. Creating several logos and other elements of corporate style.
  3. Work on the shopping room design and its facade.
  4. Room zoning. Displaying according to the merchandising rule.
  5. Development of design of the corporate style carriers.

If your commercial network has already been branded, it is worth of thinking of its further updating. Marketers recommend reformatting your brand concept once in 2-3 years  to avoid the situation when your corporate attributes have become boring for customers.

 We focus on the customer wishes, marketing researches and modern design trends. Remember that the point of sale should be presented in an organised  and visually appealing way to promote a successful commerce!

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