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Packaging design development

Packaging and product branding

Complex design and product branding services – from developing a strategy to preparation of final design templates.

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We will assume analytics, research, design and logo development, SKU adaptation, naming and positioning.

Goals and objectives of product branding

Product branding helps to make the product recognizable, popular, helps to increase its sales and consumer loyalty. This is a consistent set of measures aimed at positioning and promoting products on the market.

Product branding include:

marketing research and concept development;
naming services, logo and packaging design;
design of templates, visualization, adaptation.

Product branding is necessary if the company introduces a new product line to the market or changes the design of an existing package.

Its key tasks are:

to make packaging attractive to consumers;
• to increase product recognition;
to highlight the product among competitors;
to bring its main idea and value.

The correct design concept ensures quick and productive contact with the target audience. Looking at such packaging, the consumer will have an interest and desire to buy what is hidden under it.

Albert Akhmadullin


How we work: stage

Marketing research

In the process of marketing research, we study in detail the market, analyze the competitive environment, products, trends and consumer preferences. To get the necessary information, we use such tools as: surveys, customer experience, shelf experiment, a mystery shopper.


At this stage, the key characteristics of the product and its benefits for customers are determined, the main competitors and product space are identified, a strategy is developed. Positioning makes it possible to design a clear image of packaging and understand the next step.


Several design options are being developed according to the basic concept, emotional triggers and consumer motivation. According to the results of the sample, the design is tested in direct contact with customers, if necessary, editing is performed.

As a result, you get

Unique, adapted to the conditions of the market design templates with a logo and a bright, sonorous name. The design developed by our company will not only distinguish your products from competitors, but will also “sell” them to the consumer.

Complex product branding is a great tool for launching a new product on the market, rebranding of outdated packaging, increasing sales and expanding the target audience

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