We create graphic design, logo design interface design, polygraphic products packaging and branding for businesses.

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Design allows you to attract the attention of the target audience to the company. Before business promotion, you should consider your marketing strategy carefully.

It is the details that allow you to build a bright brand that will be recognizable and demanded.

The developing of your own website, templates of business cards, menus for a restaurant, labels, catalogs and other elements need a close attention. Specialists design all the elements in the same style to make it is immediately clear who owns the advertisement.

During the development, innovative solutions and creative ideas are applied. Marketers and designers are doing their best so that the project is noticed and «hooked» a potential client.

Besides focusing on combining colors and choosing a font, attention is paid to putting all the necessary information, its proper presentation and the urge to make a purchase: to attend an event, to visit a website, to contact a company’s representative.

Features of the design

  1. Before starting to develop a design, employees carefully study the scope of the company, its products and services taking into account the requests of customers, their vision of the project.
  2. The information is analyzed, and then the generation of ideas and the planning of the project begin. Not only one person is working on it, but a well-coordinated team with different views and ideas.
  3. Next, prototypes are created, a template is designed. The customer receives the result. If necessary, tweaks are made.

The benefits of contacting a design studio

Our design studio has specialized in design services and the production of marketing tools for over 9 years. During this time we managed to take a leading position among the proven professionals. Our team is responsible for the work and takes every project seriously.

The advantages of the design studio are:

  •  Creative and original design solutions;
  •  The use of innovative soft;
  •  Focus on our clients and target audience;
  •  Fixed price - we discuss it in advance and do not change it;
  •  The result is provided within a specified time frame - without delays;
  •  If necessary, we make tweaks to the layout.

You can order design services for your products or company over the given below telephone numbers.

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