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We are able to develop apps for all the devices and systems (IOS, Android) from designing and programming to launching.

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We know how both systems work and what are their differences, we follow the guidelines and the user experience. Before the implementation of any project we make an internal and external analysis, gather statistics and  develop  a prototype. We offer only well-thought and tested solutions for our customers.

The process of apps designing consists of:

  1. Mapping out app's functionalities, main channels (flowchart). Simply said, this is creating the wireframe of the future app.
  2. Developing the prototype for each screen. Drawing the screen structure (without colours and graphics).
  3. Sketching each screen design, effects and animations.
  4. Testing  wireframe on mobile devices with different screen allowances.
  5. Adjustments if needed, final retouching.
  6. Submitting  wireframes for laying out.

After the preparatory stage is complete,  all the wireframes are submitted to programmers for coding and connection to the system.

Our team consisting of talented specialists will design UI/UX apps for you.

Ruslan Akhmadullin

Managing director

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