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Websites design development

Websites design

We are experts in web designing, UX designing and interface projects We know how and in what sequence to put the blocks, how to emphasize and attract the audience's attention.

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We make sure that our solutions are practical, convenient and efficient.

We create designs for:

  • business websites;
  • corporate sites;
  • e-commerce websites;
  • landing pages;
  • unconventional projects.

The stages of websites designing:

  1. Goal identification, strategy development.
  2. Creating the prototype with the sitemap.
  3.  Drawing the design.
  4. Testing and adjustments.
  5. Submitting the template to the customer or  the developer for coding.

What you will finally get

  • The final layout of the main and mobile versions of the site;
  • If needed, we  will convert PSD to HTML and connect to the system. As a result, you will get a complete website;
  • Drawn banners, retouched  internal photos and images;
  • The design stylized to your brand;
  • The project that does not violate copyright;
  • The unique design done according to modern web- standards.

Why unconventional solutions?

You need a unique, well-thought and tested design to get more revenue from your product. The more professional is the website, the more loyal users the website owner will have,  and this will increase  customers' number and, ultimately, the sales

Every website has a strictly specified function depending on its purpose.

- Presentational websites: business websites or landing

They are structured in such a way that the main details are emphasized, the information is compressed  and presented briefly and logically

- Content websites.

They contain a big flow of texts, photos and videos. You can find  news portals, informational, scientific, profile newspapers and even libraries

- Corporate websites.

The corporate style is emphasized. The site should be balanced so that graphics and texts could help each other to present the information

Each project requires an individual approach, and our experience allows to solve problems of any complexity. Not only we build up websites but we also create efficient tools for promoting your business

Camille Shamatov


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