Our labels have a direct impact on sales and perfectly showcase your brand and products.

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A crucial factor for a retail business owner is being noticed and recognized.

A label is the first impression customers get when looking at your product, and  they subconsciously keep in their minds the idea  that the product is as nice as its exterior design. While developing a label we take into account the following criteria: originality, functionality, aesthetics and exclusivity

Due to these qualities not only the product exterior design looks professionally but it also increases sales.

 Albert Alhmadullin


What does product packaging design start with?  

  • If it is a product line, it is necessary to develop one general concept that should be expressed in every element of packaging materials. For example, you can see the label on the front side of the bottle, the counter label and the label on the bottle neck. If it is a series of similar products, for example, fizzy drinks series, the general idea should be presented in all the products packaging

    Secondly, you should define the size, the form, the material, and packaging techniques, write the right text, create graphics taking into account target audiences and the regions of sales

  • It is necessary to take into consideration the results of market researches and competitors environment while creating a label design. Keeping in mind the idea that the  variety of packaging in the market is huge, it is challenging enough to connect all the factors together and to create a label that would  decorate packaging, and at the same time deliver the message

That is why it is better to trust the professional design agency having a big experience in label creating; thus, you will not waste your time for searching solutions and, moreover, you will have options as we  offer several versions of your label.


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