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Professional video

Video recording

Special events such as birthdays or business promotional events cannot be done without a camera.

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We provide professional video production and montage services. To get high quality videos we utilize professional equipment.

Why video recording?

Special events such as birthdays or  business promotional events cannot be done without a camera. It is worth to address the professionals to record such events and be happy with them.

Capabilities include creating entertaining TV shows and films, commercials, company video profiles, website videos, special events  shooting with story lines and interviews

The stages of video recording:

  1. Script writing based on customers' needs or the selection of of ready-to-go scripts. Paper work, documents provision.
  2. Casting and hiring actors if needed.
  3. Props, location and studio preparations.
  4. Recording the video.
  5. Editing - the recorded video and audio footage is assembled according to the script.

Our efforts will result in a professional video with  excellent sound  meeting customer's deadlines. The service cost will depend on customer's genre preferences and the level of effort complexity.

Professionalism and an excellent team work of the company will make positive impressions  about our cooperation.

Rustam Abdullin

Art Director

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