Complex marketing

We will promote your products and services, attract customers, carry out marketing audits, provide a detailed report on the efficiency of each promotional channel.

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What you will get?

  1. New customers and the analysis of their conversion to permanent buyers. 
  2. Efficiency analysis and well-thought promotional strategy.
  3. A significant money saving as the total price of  separate services is  much higher than ordering complex marketing services.
  4. A detailed analysis of results and efficiency  of each promotional channel.
  5. A  transparent analysis of promotion and ordering.
  6. A full support of the marketing campaign:
  • a project manager, a marketer
  • a usability specialist, a designer
  • a programmer
  • a specialist on context advertising
  • a content manager
  • a SEO specialist
  • a web-analyst
  • a SMM specialist
  • a specialist on reputation management

Boosting positioning, recognisability, increasing attendance and  applications numbers.

 We offer a full and multi-faceted support of  the project as well as its development from the perspective of marketing.

Stanislav Kobylyansky

Project manager

We will go with the customer through the whole selling-buying process; so, we will make sure that you  customers go through the whole sales cycle:  from familiarizing with your brand, products, services up to the payment for products, services or signing the agreement, including consulting your selling department

Complex marketing services

Our experts will ensure project traffic, position and conversion in constantly growing sales.

  • Managing advertising budget
  • SEO promotion in search engines
  • Context advertising
  • SMM promotion in social networks
  • SERM (brand reputation management)
  • PR in social media
  • Orders analytics and CRM
  • SRM setting, ROI evaluation
  • Technical support and consulting

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