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Online shopping has become one of the essential parts of people's lives. Sometimes this platform becomes a necessary tool for small and medium businesses to enter a new market and increase sales.

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We will set up the online store of any level of complexity: with online payment, catalogues, personal accounts and synchronisation C1.

A convenient administrator panel will allow you to download goods in a minute, checkout the order, and communicate to the buyer.

In order to create an excellent web-design of an online store, we take into account the factors such as:

  • simplicity and comprehensiveness;
  • intuitive interface;
  • high working speed and consistency

The website should have an excellent design, high quality photos and videos; moreover, a clear discount and bonus system should  motivate shoppers to buy, and new customers to become regular ones. 

Based on particular features of business projects, it is vital for  online store to have:

  • integration with IP - telephony that will allow to ensure the high quality of incoming calls and check up managers performances;
  • integration with CRM system that not only will ensure a fast access to the existing data and customizing bargains but also will increase the average  check of shoppers.

It is mandatory to have:

  • an SMS notification about the order status, bonuses, discounts, new collections and special offers;
  • integration with accounting programs 1C, Bitrix;
  • integration with services for online payments;
  • online consultants and  order tracking;
  • searching and filtering of goods according to their names and articles

This is not the full list of requirements to the  online shop. We will use an individual approach to  your online store design, and take into account your products specifics and your requirements.

Camille Shamatov


The site administration will be fully managed to enable various changes and additions to be made independently without engaging the third party specialists; besides that,  the information on your website will be unlimited.

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