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We start our work with collecting data about your business, carry out the audits, identify your strengths and, based on these criteria, we define your profitable position on the web.

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Corporate site is a quality solution for your business.

The corporate site creates a positive image, evokes trust and  speaks about reliable partnership.

It has many various functions, among them are: news release, special offers and services posting, applications submitting, personal accounts setting up, synchronization with1C, Bitrix.

Such resource helps marketing and selling departments, does all routine, monotonous work on informing a potential customer about everything he is interested  in. Corporate site structure is very flexible and allows to add blocks if needed without changing the general style

What work is done while building up a corporate site

  1. Problem identifying, defining site and company goals.
  2. Developing the main ideas and creating the prototype
  3. Designing the site and drawing all the type pages
  4. Programming, laying out and integration with CRM systems.
  5. Filling if needed
  6. Setting and optimization of the site
  7. Testing.  
  8. Placement on hosting and launching.

Order a corporate site

 To order the corporate site submit the application or call us. We work worldwide, we have a big experience and possibilities enabling us to make a better offer regarding price-quality ratio.

Stanislav Kobylyansk

Project manager

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