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A landing page is an excellent tool to increase sales and revenues. It has some significant differences from regular internet resources.

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We will develop one paged site with a unique design and well- thought structure in order to get maximum revenue.

We will show the company positive sides, your products and services advantages, speak about the  positive sides  of purchasing your company products.

Not only we create landing pages but we also carry out an accurate orders analysis, and we make changes on the site if needed.

Ruslan Akhmadullin

Managing director

Differences from a regular site

Here are the main differences:

1. There is no passage from the home page to other pages that would decrease the conversion

2. The landing page has an action having a special purpose.  As a rule, it is the button "buy" or it may be a hot line number where a day-and-night operator works on a "hot" customer.

3. The landing page is created for the promotion of a specific product or service, that is why it does not have navigation unlike a regular site

4. On such sites  the offers of purchasing  products are often  imperative, for example, "buy right now", or "leave your order and we will deliver the product within...", or "catch it and you will get additional."  

The objective of this resource is to transfer a potential customer to a factual buyer. It is useful when you use a target action, and it does not compete with the company main site. 

While developing a landing page there often might be mistakes that cross out all the efforts done to achieve the effect. Texts should be well- thought,  small sized and at the same time they have to contain much information.

The design of the page should be professional to avoid mistrust

Analysis and statistics are very important for landing pages, they will help to monitor the implementation of the targeted action. Their goal is to find out what elements of the page are efficient and work towards sales increasing, and what needs to be modified.

Development stages:

  1. Meeting the customer and  a detailed discussion of the project;
  2. Concept approval and signing the agreement;
  3. Prototype development;
  4. Creating a unique design of the future site;
  5. Coding and programming;
  6. Testing and optimization;
  7. Transferring to the customer hosting and launching.

What will you finally get ?

  • High conversion on your site;
  • A big number of orders;
  • A bright and clear presentation of your products and services;
  • A consistent sales growth and increasing applications quality;
  • Your site analytics and its conversion;
  • A dashboard to introduce changes;
  • The possibility of synchronization with your CRM system;
  • Time saving as the landing page is created within a short time period, and you can get results immediately after launching.

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