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Website development on 1C-Bitrix platform

Website development on 1C-Bitrix platform

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1C-Bitrix is the most popular commercial platform for creating portals, online stores and websites of any complexity.

Using this CMS platform, you can develop new web projects or transfer existing ones to this administration system. The product is intended both for professionals and for ordinary users who will work with the updated resource.

Pros of using 1C-bitrix

  • Reliability.
  • Free,24/7support.
  • Excellent technical documentation.
  • The ability to combine databases into a system.
  • Combination with accounting software.
  • Feedback to our development team.
  • The oportunity to create your own solutions.
  • Versatility (suitable for 95% of sites).

Marketing Tools:

  • Distribution of notifications to registered Internet users.
  • Communication widgets with customers on the site and beyond.
  • Analytics showing the audience and the number of their visits.
  • Split testing to analyze the trade offer effectiveness.

Who is the customer?

This management system is designed primarily for large business projects and for its maintenance you need to understand the product. Web services of various structures work on 1C-Bitrix: from government, state, non-profit organizations to powerful companies, educational institutions, mass media and many others.

Our marketing agency has been working in Ufa since 2013. With the help of this advanced software product, we develop projects of varying complexity: business cards, online stores, websites for any business. We are official representatives of 1C-Bitrix, our agency provides turnkey services: from creating and launching a site, from brand development to attracting new customers. The qualifications of specialists, our experience and service are appreciated by domestic and foreign users.


The functionality of the system will help to organize and analyze data on contacts, orders, prices, products, balances and other important parameters. A nice bonus is the affordable editing of content on any resource, which even beginners can easily handle.

All sorts of settings, services are possible, thanks to the available modules. For entrepreneurs, this makes it possible to realize all their ideas in business, and for customers - to evaluate convenient, understandable navigation and functionality.

The presence of a seo-module facilitates the promotion of the site, and a reliable protection system will protect against hacker attacks and other possible hacks.

By purchasing CMS 1C-bitrix, you get free 24/7 support, and the response time is about 4 hours. A stable and reliable platform initially contains all the necessary modules and properties, it is constantly improved and new available functionality is added.

We will make a functional platform for you and we guarantee its quality. Website on 1C-bitrix platform means ease of use, accuracy and high traffic.

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