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Digital agency «som.media»

Ruslan Akhmadullin

Managing director

«We regularly raise the bar, we work on efficiency and try to make team work as enjoyable as possible.

We believe in honesty and trust. Each new project is a big responsibility; we are responsible for it with our reputation.»

9 years Experience
67 Projects

Rustam Abdullin

Art Director

«When the customer sees the product on the counter, he does not know about his taste properties and he can make a decision about the purchase, only focusing on the packaging.

The design, which is made professionally, can convey not only taste, but also tactile sensations, tell about the company and the quality of the goods produced.»

10 years Experience
72 Projects

Albert Akhmadullin


«Analytics is an important tool for planning business processes and preparing advertising campaigns.

Marketing in conjunction with a high-quality brand, website and detailed analytics, allows you to make the most impact with reduced resources.»

10 years Experience
45 Projects

Artem Pilshchikov


«Countries, regions, cities and consumers are all unique. Each level requires its own conception.

Long experience is what allows you to foresee negative factors and make a decision that will attract the maximum number of customers, making them regular.»

18 years Experience
69 Projects

Camille Shamatov


«Website development is not just a service, but a full creative process with a focus on marketing research.

In our work, we take into account the habits, needs of users and try to adapt it to everyone, making a website that is pleasant to interact with.»

9 years Experience
78 Projects

About the company

Each product that we have created solves the problems both of business and the target audience.
Rustam Abdullin
Rustam Abdullin Art Director
Ruslan Akhmadullin
Ruslan Akhmadullin Managing director
Artem Pilshchikov
Artem Pilshchikov Editor
Camille Shamatov
Camille Shamatov Developer
Zemfira Sultanova
Zemfira Sultanova Web analyst
Albert Akhmadullin
Albert Akhmadullin Marketer
Stanislav Kobylyansky
Stanislav Kobylyansky Project manager
Anton Yudin
Anton Yudin Developer
Briefly about us

Our mission

We solve companies problems and make thousands people's lives significantly easier while creating digital products.

Our objective

We understand that a high quality design combined with marketing is a powerful economic tool. We always strive to get a maximum feedback from the work.

Our goals

Attract more high qualified specialists. Develop partnerships with international companies and offer a better service in the market.

Freedom of creativity

It is the main rule of our company as we do not limit ourselves with the frames proposed by our customers, and we always search for alternative options.

Making differences

While working on a project we strive to make the product convenient and comprehensive for any consumer. We hope it will make the world a little bit better.



«Old-timers» of the Internet marketing sphere in Ufa. We know how it was before, what it became. And we are planning the future.

The start of our activity
from the sobees.ru website
We launched search ads and got the first orders for the development of websites. We actively did seo and got to the top with thematic requests.
The first success and
development of the company
We concluded the first contracts with companies of the republican level.
We focused on developing corporate websites. Our staff expanded to 4 people.
Internal projects
and expanded relationships
Work on our own startup project "Izyum" (Raisin). Participation in various conferences in Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Moscow and Dubai.
First overseas orders.
Work with regular
We realized that quality is in the first place and for more than a year did
not accept new orders until the staff expanded with skilled personnel.
We develop design,
we study branding
The direction that we are always interested in, and raising the
level of services provided has
become a priority for us.
Studio rebranding to som.media
The extended list of services and long experience were a reason for us to refresh our business and open doors for new customers that we will be glad to see!


Years of work
Every specialist in our company is unique, experienced and knowledgeable. Design, websites creating and marketing are our main services, but our experience allows us to go beyond it and do something bigger.